Quotes of the week! Dreams are like stars; you may never touch them but if you fellow them, they will lead you to your destiny.Following your dreams may seem as something out of a book of fairy tales for some, but the following of dreams is why many have seen success that will affect generations to come. To follow your dreams requires a boldness that not everyone will be able to master, not because it is impossible, but instead because they will choose not to. We have to be willing to dare to make the dreams that are inside of us a reality. Doing so may mean that we have to tap into the greatness of others before us who are great examples of what following a dream may achieve. People like Walt Disney, and Henry David Thoreau are great examples of how following your dreams can not only inspire and wow one generation but instead they are examples of how to dream so big that you will inspire generations for years to come.. :-)from admin komen4u.com / 11 April 2014